In a world that is getting highly sophisticated and complex, the fittest and not the smartest nor the most intelligent survive. And being in that exclusive club of the fittest requires certain skills, traits, dispositions and will. ExCEL 360 Plus, ensures that individuals and organizations acquire all these to not only think proactively but act pre-proactively; thinking ahead of those who think ahead and acting ahead of those who act ahead, with major focus on achieving excellence in areas which include but not limited to Communication, Entrepreneurship and Leadership. We are dedicated to answering the “why not” question. 


While others ask and wonder why communicating effectively has become one of the biggest failings of Governments, business, Not-for-profits and private individuals; we ask “why not” make effective communication one of the success pillars: communicating the right message, using the right words, the right way, the right time, the right audience, the right channel, right feedback process by the right person.  Bottom line is: if you don’t understand it, you cannot communicate it. Our new ideas in ExCEL 360 Plus is take you through a journey of this great understanding and application. 


is the bedrock of many economies of the world today. The capacity to exercise critical thinking, to be creative and innovative, to swim against the tide of risks, to build or expand an idea into business thereby creating wealth, employment and achieve sustainability; this is what Entrepreneurship is and the capacity to appreciate this process from the beginning to the end can be properly horned. Take for example that ten person walk through a maze dotted with hidden but discoverable opportunities and only two are able to see and take advantage of the opportunities. The big question is; how come the other eight failed to see the opportunities? What is the difference between the two and the eight? What does the two have that the eight do not have? The answer hangs in two things: environmental consciousness and hunger. ExCEL 360 Plus will expose minds to these secrets using experiential, hands-on strategic modules.    


is everything, without it, there is nothing. Show us a successful and progressive Government, business, football club, church, charity, musical group; and we show you a leader at work. Every failed or failing enterprise, Government or a person can be traced to the absence of leadership. Even in career progression, leadership focused employees succeed over and above other colleagues. The biggest companies that went under, the largest economies that crashed, the great personalities that failed, are all linked to failure of leadership. From family, to education, to work, to community; from business to politics to entertainment; from sports to religious and traditional institutions; leadership makes the difference between success and failure. Through many years of study, research, experiential and practical encounters, we have developed bespoke – fail proof successful leadership modules, concepts and secrets. Some examples are our work in “Exploring the Leaders Mind”, “leading the leader”, “Leading your way to success”
We believe that every person, organization, Government and institution desire to succeed. However, desire is not enough. Much more is need. For us, the desire, conviction and the will to win is everything. We are focused on ensuring that we can help everyone become “a winner” which is to continually succeed rather than be “the winner” which is just being a one off champion. Every encounter with ExCEL 360 Plus will guarantee the capacity to do three things; to dare, to bear and to win.
We will provide bespoke business facilitation and trainings and consultancy. Our trainings will be structured and developed to enable individuals and organizations, irrespective of their sector, to achieve and sustain the under-listed benefits among others:

  • Motivating participants to act
  • maintaining a competitive business edge
  • Customer satisfaction
  • Creating openness in communication
  • Enabling deeper levels of commitment
  • Learning speed and efficiency
  • The promotion of a culture of collaboration
  • Developing and maintaining a strong brand
Capacity building and human resource development among others

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